Master of cleansing - Gospodar čišćenja!


Felt pads – GROM

Felt pads is result of expert research and practical application. The high quality of felt pads provides fast, easy, effective, rational and quality cleaning (particularly grooves, felt follows the groove), maintenance and protect gun barrel of all weapons with rifled and smooth surface: carbines, pistols, hunting rifles, air and a small caliber weapon. High quality of felt pads – Grom offers fast, easy, efficient, cost-effective and high-quality cleaning. It easy clean products of the combustion and layers of lead providing no jam nor barrel damage

Felt – natural material

Felt is a natural material made of 100% wool, without herbal and chemical additives, which provides the superior and specific cleaning. Wool absorbs all the deposits from the barrel and there is no residual dirt. Felt is domestic production controlled by the authorized institute.

Felt pad holder sticks – GROM

– are made of high quality aluminum alloy or brass, which can not cause damage to the barrel.

Sales and distribution

It is possible to manufacture in other calibers then offered. Felt pads – GROM can be bought in all hunting equipment stores in the country as well in countries of Europe and America.


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